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Custom VS Lifestyle Collection Home

Custom VS Lifestyle Collection Home

The Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered! 

Q. What is the difference in price and process between buying a Custom Designer Luxury home or choosing a Lifestyle Collection home?

A: if you can’t find a plan and facade to suit you and want more freedom in your inclusions, then a one-off fully customised Custom Designer Luxury home is the best choice.  In terms of process for a Custom home, we will take a full design and inclusions brief from you that includes building style, size and finishes, and work with you to finalise the design and then supply a final price.  The Custom home is costed on the same rates that are used for all of our other homes.

Alternatively you can choose a Lifestyle Collection home to give you a plan and façade, which you can then customise from our wide range of fittings and options. 

The process for a Lifestyle home plan and price is

·         choose your floor plan

·         choose your facade

·         choose your ceiling height (2550mm standard or upgrade to 2700mm)

·         upgrade to some or all of the Vogue or DLuxe inclusions (optional)

·         decide on external and internal colour schemes

·         add external works including pools, landscaping and fencing

·         we then work out your final price before we start. 

Custom homes are usually higher budget (but not always).  Costs will depend on your final design and choice of inclusions and finishes. A one off design, plus engineering, drafting services and administration of all documentation will incur more costs than the Lifestyle collection - usually around 1.5% of your budget.

Q. What is the range of prices for the Lifestyle Collection?

A: The starting point for any of our Lifestyle Collection plans is the home design and facade.

For example, our Bianco 150 with 2.55 ceilings and essentials specifications is currently costed at  $199,328.00 for a completed home with ample electrical and lighting, including everything except window furnishings.

From here you can choose from a series of optional upgrades and extras to personalise your home, which we would then cost in order to provide you with a final price.


If you choose a larger or more complex plan, or higher ceilings, the starting price will go up accordingly.  We can work with you to find a house design within your budget that you’ll love.


Q. What is not included in the price of the Lifestyle Collection home?

A. The Lifestyle Collection price includes many extras as standard.  For the quoted price you will have a completed home including ample light fittings (LED downlights) and power points, timber blade fans, and all NBN provisioning with at least 2 data points in the home. Driveway and pathway, and floor coverings are also included.  As with most building companies, window treatments, supply and installation of water tanks, air-conditioning, security and any special requirements for electrical inclusions not covered in the extensive electrical plan are extra.  Our staff will be happy to work out a cost-effective price, should you require any of these.

Q. How much customisation can I have with the Custom Designer Luxury home?

A. We can do anything at all within council restrictions.  Special finishes, solar power throughout, connectivity and home automation, difficult blocks, pre-existing designs – whatever you would like, we can do. 

Q. What if I change the design?

You can change the Lifestyle Collection design using any features from the Vogue or DLuxe packages, or upgrade to one of these models, during the consultation phase.  We’ll then quote you on the final price once all your decisions are made.  For a Custom home, once you’ve settled on all the details we’ll quote you a fixed price.  If you want to change something after building has started we’ll do our very best to accommodate you.  In that case we’ll requote the variation and rework the timeframes.

Q: What are the timeframes to get a Lifestyle Collection home to construction?

A: From approval to working architectural drawings the timeframes are normally 3-4 weeks.  For construction, timeframes are usually a 20 week build on a 2 storey home and a 16 week build on a single storey home.

Q: What are the timeframes to get a Custom Designer Luxury home to construction?

A: This process can take from 4 weeks to 4 months.  Final timeframes will depend on the size and complexity of the home and the client’s turnaround times for approvals of and feedback on our designs and costings.  We will quote you a firm timeframe to build once approvals are finalised.

Q: Who are the Costa Custom Designer Luxury team designers?

A: We have 3 qualified and experienced building designers: Phil Darwin, Michael Rolton (MRA) and Tim Cronin.  Each has their own unique contemporary style and works closely with the building estimating team to fulfil the client’s brief within budget.

Q. Do you offer any guarantees?

Yes - we have a 12-month maintenance warranty. At the end of 12 months we conduct a full check to see how the building is performing once the home has settled.  We also offer a 6.5-year structural guarantee.

Posted by Frank Gentile CEO

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