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Design and construct


Experience the difference with Design and Construct.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in our Lifestyle Collection range, our Design and Construct offering allows you to design your dream home from scratch. Meet with our in-house design specialist and create a design that ticks all the boxes – style, block, layout, inclusions and, of course, budget.

If you already know exactly what you want, you can also provide us with a copy of your architectural drawings and we can provide a detailed quotation based on your requirements and inclusions.

From a simple cottage-style abode to a unique multi-storey dwelling, our Design and Construct offering will consider your exact requirements and create a bespoke design to suit.

Our Design and Construct homes are quoted on the same rates as all our home designs, meaning you won’t pay a premium for customisation.

Faces to the Process

Consultation with Joel

During the first step of a Costa Homes build, you’ll meet with Joel Or Mel to discuss the home you’re looking to build.

Joel not only covers the Sales side of the business, he’s also a qualified Building Designer with the knowledge required to ensure every detail of your future home is taken into consideration, including sizing, styling, inclusions and budget.

Preliminary Design with Phil

This is where the Costa Team, led by our very own Phil Darwen, will take your Design Needs Analysis (design brief) and turn it into a functional and aesthetically pleasing home design with the help of Tony (estimating), Dean (construction) and Frank (inclusions), to meet your budget!

Phil will also personally present your designs and take you through your colour consultation, removing the guess work with any design.

Interior layout design plays a leading role in Phil’s skillset; his 1.3 million Instagram followers will confirm that. For future home inspiration, view Phil’s Instagram @adesignersmind.

Construction with Dean

Lastly, it’s time to bring your home to life in the building stage! This is where Dean Costa takes control of the reins, and once the slab goes down, things begin to take shape quickly.

Depending on the design and size of your home, construction can take between 16 and 60 weeks. No doubt, you’ll be sneaking out to site every chance you get to check on the progress; don’t forget to say ‘g’day’.