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Building process


Experience the difference with Design and Construct.

The art of designing your home to your brief and budget from an experienced team!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re spending two million dollars, or two hundred thousand dollars, design and construct means there’ll be no disconnect between your plans and the price of your build. You’ll have both, the builder and designer in the room working together to achieve your objectives.

Our Process

It takes a small army to build a home and the Costa Homes experience isn’t complete without Tony Costa, Estimating Manager/Director; Dean Costa, Construction Co-ordinator/ Director; and, Frank Gentile, Director/ CEO. Tony, Dean and Frank are involved in every build and development. They oversee every decision at Costa Homes, ensuring all details are taken into consideration and all budgets are met from start of design to completion.


1. Initial consultation . . .

During the first step of a Costa Homes build, you’ll meet with Joel to discuss the home you’re looking to build. Joel not only covers the Sales side of the business, he’s also a qualified Building Designer with the knowledge required to ensure every detail of your future home is taken into consideration, including sizing, styling, inclusions and budget. The consultation phase is the perfect time to allow all your questions to flow freely. Joel’s available to provide as much advice as possible, and through the implementation of a ‘Design Needs Analysis’, whether your future home is a Costa Homes standard or custom build, Joel has the expertise to clearly confirm your design needs and how to achieve them within the early stages.

2. Preliminary design . . .

This is where the Costa Team, led by our very own Phil Darwen, will take your Design Needs Analysis (design brief) and transform it into a functional and aesthetically pleasing home design with the help of Tony (estimating), Dean (construction) and Frank (inclusions), to meet your budget! Phil will also personally present your designs and guide you through your colour consultation, removing the guess work with any design. Interior layout design plays a leading role in Phil’s skillset; his 1.3 million Instagram followers will confirm that. For future home inspiration, view Phil’s Instagram @adesignersmind.


Sit back and relax in our selection display centre. Choose your dream floor type, stone bench tops, cabinetry finishes and more. Phil, our incredible designer will be there to help you make decisions whilst sticking to your budget. Once everything is selected, we quote your entire build, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing your exact costings. Lastly, assuming the quoted price is acceptable, we'll prepare contracts ready for signing. Following this, there’s usually only a few weeks until we get started on your home.


Once we have arrived at the final plan that you are happy with and the pricing is all done and approved, we organise the architectural construction drawings and the engineering drawings from our highly qualified engineer. Whilst this is happening, we get the contract process out of the way and get ready for submission to our certifier who works with council to get your submission approvals in place ready for construction, once the contract deposit is paid.

5. Construction . . .

Lastly, it’s time to bring your home to life in the building stage! This is where Dean Costa takes control of the reins, and once the slab goes down, things begin to take shape quickly. Depending on the design and size of your home, construction can take between 16 and 60 weeks. No doubt, you’ll be sneaking out to site every chance you get to check on the progress; don’t forget to say ‘g’day’.

6. HANDOVER . . .

We’ve finally made it! We’ll organise to have your home professionally cleaned before you move in and we’ll be there to show you through your new home so you know everything is functioning as it should be.